The draft will go live at 8:30PM EST! Head over to the Sleeper website (https://sleeper.app) or your app to begin!

The Google hangout link is here:


1: The Scoring
This is a 12-man, half-ppr league with fractional scoring... and new starting this year, we are a KEEPER LEAGUE!

That's right, at the end of this year you will get to choose a player from your roster to take your first round draft position at the start of next season!

All other scoring is standard Fantasy format. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 4.22.35 PM.png

Example (<3 word problems!): 
If a QB throws the ball to a receiver who then catches and carries the ball 13 yards for a touchdown, how many points do the WR, QB and RB get?

WR: 0.5pts for the reception, 1.3pts for 13 yards gained, and 6pts for the touchdown = 7.8pts
QB: 0.52pts for the 13 yards gained, and 4pts for the touchdown = 4.52pts
RB: 0pts!!

Good job.



2: The Finances
Pretty simple. There's a $50 buy-in for all members. That means the commissioner will be responsible for keep track of $360 of your money!

The reward breakdown is as follows:

1st Place: $215
2nd Place: $140
3rd Place: $50 (dues back)

For the first 13 weeks of the regular season, the person who scores the most points that week will be get the weekly lion reward, which is $15. Which should cover a nice chicken dinner from your favorite local chicken eatery.



3: The Platform
Oh boy! My favorite part!
We have migrated away from the garbage ESPN app and are now moving toward Sleeperbot, which is an app that is dedicated to a quality fantasyexperience. There are many advantages to this over ESPN, but notably is that there are NO ADS AT ALL.

To join the league, use the following link:
When it asks for your name, that's your actual real human name. It will ask for your fantasy team name later. 


4: The Draft
The Draft is tentatively scheduled for the evening of Sunday, August 19th. At that time I will send out a Google Hangout link so we can all shittalk each other live during the draft. If you have any problems with this date, please let us know asap.

Remember, this is now a KEEPER LEAGUE. Draft accordingly... or don't... idgaf.


5: suck a dick
Thanks and good luck this year!

If you have any concerns, please bring them up in the groupme asap so we can address them sooner than later. Or just fucking tell kenton so he'll do his job like a real commissioner.