about me


my name is macon.

I enjoy my time outdoors - and this site reflects that. Be it skiing, ultralight backpacking, or simply socializing with friends, this site is an expression of my life and the things I do as I move through my weekends and down time. I will also use it as a repository for some of the resources I make here and there.

I'm a professional aerospace engineer, but have a deep appreciation of the outdoors. I live in Los Angeles, work in Pasadena, and on the weekends I sleep in the Sierras.

I am on a bit of a hiatus as I recover from a full ACL tear. This little journal of mine might not see much action, as most of my activity lately has been devoted to Physical Therapy. But I should be back at it by December. I hope.

If you have any comments or questions, contact me below.

Also, I'm looking for cerveza sponsors. hmu.