how to change your oil

Posting this to help a few of my friends who wanted to know how to change their oil.

Recently auto mfgs have started recommending oil changes every 10,000mi. That's a little too infrequent for my liking. I rarely ever exceed 7,000mi before an oil change, and usually try to change it every 5k. YMMV, but in general the more frequently you change your oil, the happier your car will be... within reason of course.

Don't skimp on oil either. The oil I used in this vid is an ultra-premium Liqui Moly Molygen that costs $45 for 5 quarts. The filter is a MANN oil filter, which is the company that makes all of Audi's OEM filters, and those are $10 a pop. That means it costs $55 total in parts from reputable parts supplier (ECS Tuning) using the best parts.

You might be saying "but my oil changes only cost $40 from the shop!" Well, I hate to break it to you, but that means your mechanic is putting in either conventional oil, or a very low grade synthetic. Either way, that aint good. A 5qt oil change with mid-grade oil from a good shop should cost around $80-90, and around $100-110 for a premium oil. If you have a larger 7qt engine, that will be as much as $140 for a premium oil.... and you'll still spend an hour taking it to the shop to have someone else do it.

Do it yourself. Save time. Save money. And most importantly, know what's going in your car.